True Nature Network
Pity the Pig
The true story of pigs ...What they are like... what happens to them in labs, factory farms,stockyards and slaughterhouses ... what you can do to help pigs.
Born To Be Betrayed
Who betrays unwanted cats and dogs? What are some solutions to the problem? "Haunting and uncompromising - perfect for education." - Shelter Sense Magazine, HSUS
Fur Crimes
What is the true nature of trapping and "ranching"? Why do people wear fur?
The Politics of Medicine
and You
What forces attempt to control your health practices? Why is animal research done? How can you protect your health?
Teach Your Children Well What are children taught about animals? How does this affect children?
From Mice to Men? Do psychological experiments on animals relate to human mental health?
Show Business is No Business for Animals What happens to animals in circuses, zoos, rodeos, horse & greyhound racing, movies ...
The Plight of Pigeons What is the true nature of pigeons? Do they really cause disease? How do people relate to them?
Probing the Mind of the Vivisector A former animal experimenter explores the role animal research plays in human health.
A Conversation with Bob Barker Bob Barker looks at the fur issue, the use of animals in entertainment and animal rights activism.
Is Animal Research Necessary for Human Health? Are animal experiments directly related to human health problems? Can research money be better spent?
Elephants on the Edge How does the ivory trade impact elephants and the ecology? What is their future?
The Kangaroo Trade Kangaroos are slaughtered for the international trade in kangaroo leather and meat.
Animal Factories w/ author Jim Mason
Judaism and Vegetarianism w/ Professor Richard Schwartz
The Case Against Sport Hunting w/ Luke Dommer, Founder, Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting (CASH)
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