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How you can help
How You Can Help
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How You Can Help
Make a donation to The True Nature Network to have one or more of our videos sent to you, then:
  • Contact your local cable television company and ask how you can have the videos shown on their public access station. Most communities provide free public access airtime so don' t be afraid to ask!
  • Contact your local PBS station and ask if they will show one of our video documentaries as a "special."
  • Contact libraries in your area and ask if they will make our videos available to the public.
  • Ask local pro-animal groups and animal shelters if they will use the videos in their educational outreach programs. (If they would like to do so, ask them to contact The True Nature Network to obtain the videos.)
  • Show the videos to family and friends.
To make a donation to The True Nature Network or to purchase a video please click the button
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or send a check payable to "THE TRUE NATURE NETWORK" at:

The True Nature Network
P.O. Box 20672
Columbus Circle Station
New York, NY 10023-1487
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